Iron Pigs
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Does anyone remember what they were doing or where they were in 2009? Sometimes we even forget what we did last month. For this band of warriors in 2009, they will never forget where they were and what they did. The Second Light-Armored Reconnaissance Battalion of the United States Marine Corps, this band of warriors, went on a do-or-die mission to the southernmost part of Afghanistan in 2009, where no other coalition force has been before. The area of operation was crawling with Taliban soldiers in and around the Khan Neshin, Afghanistan area, and the surrounding lush green valley by the river was filled with weed, corn, beans, and shrubs. Many obstacles lie in wait for the marines who were the tip of the spear in 2009. Would they succeed in their quest to conquer the southern part of Afghanistan? These marines were determined to do so or die trying.

Exhibited At: International book fairs