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"Death has the innate ability to snatch from us not only life, but peace, joy and our hope for the future ahead. This can leave us feeling boxed in, spent, and emotionally drained by the death of a loved one.

Citing her own deeply personal losses of both parents in a space of barely three months, and then her unborn child, Nkechi explores the themes of life, death, love, pain, faith and total healing. We are taken through her personal journey of how she was able to move from pain to the freedom that comes with healing. Your emotions will likely run high as she vividly describes and outlines important life principles to help people avoid the trap of falling into destructive lifestyles and ways of thinking in the wake of loved ones passing on.:

In the pages within this book Nkechi writes on:

? How to achieve complete healing and peace
? What to do in order to steer clear of depression
? How to move on and live a fulfilling life
? Tips to keep the memories of loved ones alive
? Why to love ?Now? and not later

We all face loss at some point in life and so this is a book for everyone. You matter. Your state of mind matters. Do you want to experience genuine healing? This book is for you."

Exhibited At: International book fairs