Observation & Perception
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"Many thanks to all who find themselves reading this now, and for your attention to the following work, because it was created for you. I hope that you may find something relatable within, and perhaps either redefine your lifestyle, or come to terms with it.
As may be evident by the titles of the two parts, the first is an observation, which pertains to external elements. These are comments on the surrounding physical world and are generally more concrete in nature. The second, however, is a perception. This side of the work looks internally and is more related to thoughts or elements that possess a less tangible nature.
Both are incredibly important to life, of which this work is a critique, and as such are balanced. It is my hope that you are able to appreciate some elements, even if you don?t find yourself in favor of them all. Regardless these are the truths I have observed and perceived.


Exhibited At: International book fairs