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More About This Title Buffaloes


This book introduces young readers to the buffalo, also known as the bison, a sacred animal in many cultures. Easy-to-read text examines the buffalo’s development as a cultural icon, from Native American totems and rituals through tales and legends of the American West, to its status as a symbol of the Great Plains. Readers will also learn about the buffalo’s body, its appearance, size, and color. Buffalo reproduction is discussed, as is calf development and life cycle. Readers will discover what buffaloes like to eat and how they survive harsh winters. Also covered is the buffalo’s habitat, and a range map shows where in the world buffaloes live. Informative sidebars highlight additional information, including the buffalo’s scientific classification. Predators and threats are discussed, as are historical and modern conservation efforts to preserve this special creature. Bolded glossary terms, phonetic spellings, and an index enhance readability for young iconologists. Checkerboard Library is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.