The Happy Pattern Road
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"This story was inspired by the author?s grandchildren and is partially based on their many daily activities. Nature plays a significant role in the unfolding of many of these events. They, like the characters in this story, have found we can all learn from each other. The Happy Pattern Road shows how we learn from following a pattern and the charm and beautify of learning from those around us.

The story demonstrates the bond of friendship and togetherness that exists among nature?s animals and the people around them. Readers will be emotionally moved by the events that occur when the mother and father deer and their fawns and the mother and father Canada geese and their goslings go for a stroll in the beautiful green meadows. They soon come upon the Happy family and their four creative, energetic, growing children. This story colorfully depicts the affable relationship animals have with each other and the warmth and synergy between animals and the people who live nearby. The Happy Pattern Road demonstrates what all of nature can learn from the bounty of those who make up their world. Both young and old will love this touching story of how friendships are built with a bond of enduring trust, patterned learning, and genuine kindness. Enjoy this tender and charming story."

Exhibited At: International book fairs