Eli Ben Amram and his Companions

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Eli Ben Amram’s correspondence, discovered in the Genizah of Cairo, consists of his communications with Jewish figures from Egypt, Palestine, Babylon and Spain. As the Fustat community leader during the second half of the eleventh century his writings reveal not only the political situation pertaining to the Mediterranean Basin at the time, but are unique with regard to how Jewish society fared and functioned. He was a determined writer in that he expressed himself well on many topics and wrote up his plans for his community, as well as his reservations, in dozens of letters, court documents and poems, all of which were revealed in the Genizah.


Professor Elinoar Bareket is a Senior Lecturer at Achva Academic College, under the academic auspices of Ben-Gurion University, and at Sapir Academic College. Her published works include The Gaonite Era: Jews Under Islamic Rule During the 7th to 12th Centuries (2007). She is a recognized authority on Jewish communities under Islamic rule in the 11th century, with emphasis on communities and the centers of authority in Palestine and Babylonia. Her latest research involves early Jewish literary and poetic writings as a means of understanding political and sociological messages.