I Choose You from One Thousand Babies

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Children grow up fast, and memories have a tendency to fade. I Choose You From One Thousand Babies is the perfect way to hold on to those precious memories even as your baby leaves childhood behind. Set up as a storybook, parents have the opportunity to add to the “storyline” with notes and pictures that capture the most important and cherished memories of a child’s growth. Once completed, the book makes a wonderful keepsake that can serve as a gift for graduation, milestone birthday or wedding.


With more than 45 years of experience in human and community services with specific attention to children and youth, Melinda J. Pruitt knows how quickly babies grow up. Her desire to help parents capture these milestones inspired her to create I Choose You From One Thousand Babies. Melinda continues to write children’s’ books, while developing and operating her own children and young programming consulting business.