Castles of Wales

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Wales, a small country, is littered with the relics of war – Iron Age forts, Roman ruins, medieval castles and the coastal forts of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The biggest construction of fortifications in Wales took place during the reign of Edward I. They were not only built to deter an invader, but to control the frequent Welsh uprisings. The next wave of constructions occurred during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when a number of forts and gun emplacements were built, mostly in South Wales, to deter a seaborne invasion. The twentieth century introduced a new mode of defence, especially during the two world wars, in the form of pillboxes, tank traps and gun emplacements. The various airfields constructed were the most visible form of defence and could be regarded as the castles of the period. This book looks at how Welsh castles protected Wales to make it what it is today.


Alan Phillips was born in Pembrokeshire, on the south-west coast of Wales, the region most associated with air defense in the two World Wars. After leaving college he joined the Royal Air Force. After completing his term in the RAF he worked for the Ministry of Defence. He is a member of the Airfield Research Group and has written several articles for aviation magazines and local newspapers, as well as several books on aviation, castles and various fortifications. He lives in Colwyn Bay.