The Healthcare Wars

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More About This Title The Healthcare Wars


An apocalyptic view of the future of healthcare and the world as governments turn away from the grisly art of combat and instead begin a new focus of control through the one item that nearly everyone on the planet utilizes, healthcare. It is also the one item whose price tag and importance cannot be overstated. Through stock market control, the government begins to take down business after business in an attempt to secure enough server networks across the country to begin a new era of complete control over information. A band of resistance crops up known as the anarchists. This band of resistance plots to overthrow individual servers in an attempt to reduce the iron grip of informational control the government has created and return life to pre 21rst century status of freedom.


Robert Rogers born in the state of Missouri, most of life spent in the Ozark Mountain range. I have been involved in entrepreneurship for decades as well as being a healthcare leader for most of the last twenty years. Became interested in leadership and teaching early on during a stent in retail management and learned the value of creative writing.