Donkey Fazoo

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Shari Glady and Sarah Stevenson began to exchange food memoir stories. Their friendship and respect grew the more they wrote. Sarah's daughter, Melissa, shared her friend Jen's fictional food title containing a mix of leftover ingredients, and Donkey Fazoo was born. Love of food and family stories are contagious. Who can't love left over apple pie for breakfast? Who has ever had a Labrador Retriever chase a ham around the kitchen floor or had snails escape their shells to be found on the floor beating it out the door? Oysters Rockefeller were eaten with David Rockefeller, and a prisoner of war was forced face down in a field of spinach. There is a welcome variety of food stories garnished with love.


Sarah has written Romance novels, magazine articles, children's books and coloring books, and won several awards for two folk music albums. She is currently working on a Broadway musical. She has led an interesting life dating Rockefellers, running a dude ranch, and eating rattlesnake. Sarah lives on Flathead Lake in Bigfork, Montana.