Sacred Inner Dialogue

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SID can identify and make visible the blueprint of any person and it offers a map for anyone who truly wants to master this life’s journey. It empowers us to redefine our reality by restructuring internal patterns. SID helps us to be more clear, connected, aware, responsible and accountable, and it allows us to understand the nature of our patterns. We can trace them back to their origins and recognize why we put these patterns in place. We’re able to find the cause of the different forms of stagnation with SID and lovingly support the understanding of why they have been created, which then gives us enough fuel for forgiveness and healing to transform them completely. SID shows us the depths of our existence and the deeper dialogues that are taking place within us. It’s a self-awareness tool that gives us recognition—and with the right practitioner—it gives us also a good printout of who we really are: including all the way down to the level where the deeper and mostly unconscious processes that shape our thoughts and actions take place. SID helps us to accept our own truth and reality. For the practitioner, it is important to make the unhealthy patterns visible, so you can choose to lovingly release them from your belief systems and filling the newly formed spaces with healthy, life-affirming patterns.


Ataana is a intutive Crystal and Energy healer who teaches the Ataanamethod and Sid. He is an Author and also a singer, songwriter and Producer with several Albums published, with his most current one the Prosperity Healing Mantras. At an early age, Ataana experienced an awakening that made him aware of God’s presence and the oneness in all of existence. He knew that he would assist others in their awakening process and healing journey. Ataana says, “I saw the Eye of God – it was an Emerald Green donut and emanating from it was Healing Light. It reminded me of my wholeness. From then on, I knew God - the One Being, the Universe - was within and surrounding me offering guidance.” Ataana is a self-taught learner, who awoke to inherent deep inner visions to see and understand complex multidimensional patterns, karma, morphogenetic fields, and future and present projections based on inner energy flow and everything and everyone around him. He had access to the multidimensionality of realities, the oneness, including people who passed on, angelic, and extraterrestrial beings. It was perfectly normal for him to see past and parallel lives. It was also natural for him to intuitively apply transformational energy. He currently resides in Nashville Tennessee where he teaches and conducts the 1ment and SID a guided improv energy meditation. He works with Groups and individuals to assist their spiritual awakening. His Brilliant work has helped many to find their way into their deeper purpose and success in life.