Secret Whispers
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"George Morgan is a boy in his early teens who lives in the West Country. He attends a fairly large private boys? school where, on one particular summer?s, day, he meets the new school caretaker ? a man who changes his whole way of living.
George and his family are to be staying with an elderly aunt who lives by the Welsh coast ? a secluded place but one that is always full of excitement. The cottage and coastal area in this village belong to his aunt, but he is soon to uncover secrets that have been lost for many years. His life soon changes, and he meets people from the past that he didn?t even know existed. He then begins to realise that the things around him are not as they once seemed to be. He uncovers relics which form pictures in his mind as to the future. Then, due to the sudden death of his aunt, his lifestyle is completely changed and he is guided by the family nanny, Pearl, through the past to the present. This journey shows him what is awaiting him in the future."

Exhibited At: International book fairs