The Poison Morality
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Dr. Oliver Reece suspects that the intriguing young woman has perpetrated some kind of malady on the only other person on the underground platform when her peculiar behaviour and the man's collapse coincide. Suspecting but not sure, he cannot confront her and attempt to save the man's life at the same time and she dashes into the night leaving him to fend for her victim.
Sophie Newton panics when she notices the doctor too late, performing CPR on the man on the train. Both speculate about the other until their paths cross again coincidentally when Sophie is attacked in an alley by a homeless man. Oliver sets out to befriend Sophie and appease his curiosity to confirm his suspicions. At the same time Oliver appears in her life so does a mysterious photo of twin girls, Sophie and Sydney, a sister she doesn’t remember but who apparently knows of Sophie and her movements while staying in the shadows only leaving traces of her existence for Sophie to follow but she is not so willing a participant, not wanting to be reminded of an abusive past.
While he empathizes with Sophie without questioning her moral stand point, Oliver learns that the woman on the train and the woman he befriends are somewhat contradictory. While she calls the poison her only friend and an endowment that saved her from poverty, Oliver walks the fine line between accusation and revelation to be a part of her life by showing her how to have the ‘normality’ she covets most. Even after Sophie begins to confide in him, he still hides his own secrets from her.
Meanwhile, he is confronted by Jacki, a nurse, who accuses him of “playing God” prodding him to reveal his secrets by claiming to already know them but he doesn’t fall into her trap unable to determine if she really knows the truth or not. He also receives valuable love advice from Mariella, a terminal patient, and as much as he wants to help her she is resistant and bitter.
Sophie is overwhelmed at Oliver's interest and hope for her future, Sydney lurking in her present, and the reconciliation of a painful past start to converge as Sophie and Oliver become aware they are players in someone else’s game. As events unfold, her profession starts to pose more and more risk as Sophie and Sydney’s lives start to converge in a labyrinth of mistaken identity, sex, and blackmail. Identities are revealed, coincidences are found to be deliberate, and confrontation ensues.


Author of The Poison Morality and The Poison Endowment (nearing completion).
Stacey Horne, pen name Stacey Kathleen, lives in Virginia with husband.



Chapter 1: The Underground

Chapter 2: Christmas Eve

Chapter 3: Chinatown

Chapter 4: Mariella

Chapter 5: Alley of Confrontation and Revelation

Chapter 6: Old Man in the Park

Chapter 7: Playing God

Chapter 8: National Gallery

Chapter 9: Owen

Chapter 10: Declan Creates the Monster and the Spy

Chapter 11: Mariella’s Favourite

Chapter 12: Sophie and Oliver’s First Non-Date

Chapter 13: Sydney’s Threat

Chapter 14: Josie Non-Incognito

Chapter 15: Not a Gift From Harrods

Chapter 16: Carnal

Chapter 17: Sophie Recreates and Mona Confesses

Chapter 18: Mariella Gives Love Advice

Chapter 19: Lost on Portobello Road

Chapter 20: Sophie’s Date

Chapter 21: Sophie’s Birthday

Chapter 22: The Revelation of the Past

Chapter 23: An Accusation

Chapter 24: Don Giovanni

Chapter 25: Sophie Asks Owen

Chapter 26: Rooftop

Chapter 27: Oliver’s Secret

Chapter 28: Oliver’s Mum

Chapter 29: The Breakup

Chapter 30: The Power of French Food and Dancing

Chapter 31: The First, The Second, and the Chime of Big Ben

Chapter 32: Terminal Mariella

Chapter 33: Mariella and the Bottle

Chapter 34: Who is Mariella

Chapter 35: With Permission

Chapter 36: Four at the Pub

Chapter 37: The Gift of Reckoning

Chapter 38: Oliver Searches for Sophie

Chapter 39: Into the Cold Hard Ground

Chapter 40: Jacki’s Accusation and Sydney’s Revelation

Chapter 41: The Necklace

Chapter 42: The Safe Haven of Regent’s Park

Chapter 43: Josie Gone

Chapter 44: Sydney in the Kitchen

Chapter 45: Oliver and Sophie in the Garden


The first book by this author , is one of the best I have ever read, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Looking forward to more.