Brownsea Island

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What happened on the first Scout camp in 1907? How do you spot a rare red squirrel? And why did one person, the reclusive Mrs. Bonham-Christie, turn Brownsea Island into the haven for nature it is today? This guidebook traverses the island’s past and present to reveal the answers to all this and much more. Find out about the characters who once called the castle their home, where to spot a spoonbill (and around 70 other species) and even the best places for a picnic. You will also discover how local communities have helped saved the island from a number of potentially devastating threats over the years, and how they, along with the National Trust and its partners, continue to ensure Brownsea remains a wild and magical place for everyone to enjoy.


Clare Gogerty is the author of The National Trust Book of the Coast, and is the former editor of Coast magazine.