Clarty Jim McCloud

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Every day Clarty Jim McCloud’s granny makes him sandwiches. But not ordinary sandwiches; these sandwiches are so truly terrible that every day Clarty Jim feeds them to a hungry catfish on the way to school. When Clarty Jim gets a job and no longer passes the river where his fishy friend lives, the catfish gets hungry and searches for other things to eat. Find out what happens when he swims up river and arrives at the Shove & Bargeforth Great and Grand Garden Party. There are lots of tasty cakes to eat, but what attracts his attention is something altogether different . . . Will Lady Margery Bargeforth’s baby really be eaten by a catfish? Will Clarty Jim be able to stop it?


Tim Archbold was born and brought up in Northumberland. As well as writing and illustrating children’s books, his work has appeared in the Radio Times, Good Housekeeping, BBC Gardener’s World, Good Food and Country Living.