A Passion for Grouse

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At more than 560 pages, this new large-format book is not only the biggest book about hunting ruffed grouse ever published; it is also the most impressive in at least a generation. Award-winning Wild River Press has brought together renowned experts on grouse biology, dogs, guns, hunting strategies, and tactics. Extensive interviews with dedicated bird hunters throughout grouse country invite readers to sit in on a series of rich, highly personal conversations with many legends of the sport. A Passion for Grouse is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of spectacular color photographs that bring the reader right into the authors’ favorite coverts, the smell of autumn in the crisp air, moving up behind a white dog frozen on point and shivering with excitement.


Timothy C. Flanigan is an avid upland bird hunter with a passion for ruffed grouse and woodcock photography. His award-winning photographs are widely published and he proudly supports the conservation efforts of the Ruffed Grouse Society. In 2000, R. J. “Rocky” Gutiérrez accepted the Gordon Gullion Endowed Chair in Forest Wildlife Research and Education in the Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology at the University of Minnesota. Thomas R. Pero is the publisher of Wild River Press and was given the Ted Williams Award for excellence in conservation journalism in 1989. Dale C. Spartas of Bozeman, Montana, has been an outdoor photographer and writer for more than 35 years.