The Hsppa: Volume One - The Props Awaken

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More About This Title The Hsppa: Volume One - The Props Awaken


THE HORROR & SCIFI PROP PRESERVATION ASSOCIATION champions the collection and restoration of some of the most incredible screen-used props in cinema history. Horror, science fiction, superhero, fantasy, adventure, and all genres in-between find a home in the HSPPA collection. This book, the first in a series of volumes, showcases the amazing props and wardrobes featured in The HSPPA exhibitions, along with the personal stories & anecdotes from the Curators, collectors, featured exhibitors, and fans who preserve this filmic history for generations to come.


ABOUT THE HSPPA: The Horror & SciFi Prop Preservation Association, LLC (The HSPPA) is a not-for-profit museum of screen used & production made props, costumes, and film relics that focus on the Horror & Science Fiction genres with a sub-branching into the Super-Hero/Comic Book, Fantasy, Thriller and Action genres. The HSPPA is the brainchild of musician/producer/actor, James Azrael, and centers around his collection, which was started nearly 30-years ago. After repeated mentions from friends, pizza delivery persons & service technicians that his house was like a museum and he should charge admission, James started on a the road to form the HSPPA and bring these iconic pieces from his walls to the fans to forge unforgettable experiences and life-long memories. James Azrael leads the HSPPA as Head Curator at all events and is accompanied by an incredible team of Event Curators to discuss everything on exhibit, answer questions and educate fans with histories, stories, and fun behind the scenes facts. There’s even an interactive portion where certain props are hands-on for fans as well as photo opportunities. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: James Azrael is a professional national touring & recording musician and has been working in the music industry for the last 24yrs in varying capacities from radio broadcasting to guitar tech-ing to performing. He is most well known as guitarist/song writer/founder of the hard rock band, Court Jester (featured keyboardist, Dizzy Reed, of Guns N Roses). James has also been involved in the film industry since 1998 as a voice over talent, composer, producer, and actor [including It’s Just A Game, The Hospital 2, Farewell Darkness, Common Senses, etc]. James resides in his home in The Midwest with his props and five parrots….