APA Handbook of Behavior Analysis
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This handbook provides both overview and in-depth chapters spanning the breadth of behavior analysis. Volume I provides comprehensive coverage of the logic, clinical utility, and methods of single-case research designs including design, data collection, and data analysis phases. It also provides an overview of the experimental analysis of behavior, and chapters review some of the most important areas of contemporary laboratory research in behavior analysis including memory, attention, choice, behavioral neuroscience, and behavioral pharmacology.

Volume II includes chapters illustrating how principles of behavior discovered in basic-science laboratories have provided insights on socially important human behavior ranging from the complex discriminations that underlie human language to disorders treated by clinical psychologists. Chapters are devoted to particular behavioral/developmental disorders (e.g., behavioral treatments of ADHD, autism) or to behavior of societal importance (e.g., effective college teaching, effective treatment of substance abuse), providing reviews of what works and where additional research is needed.