AD/HD and the College Student
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More About This Title AD/HD and the College Student


This is the essential handbook and comprehensive resource for college students with AD/HD. Bestselling author Patricia O. Quinn answers the most common questions and tackles the most challenging problems that students with AD/HD face while in college. Students will find compassionate, realistic, informed, and time-tested advice on how to design an academic program that really works and achieve life-school balance while managing AD/HD symptoms far away from home and parents. Detailed information on medication, relationships, and how to decide whether college is even right for you complete this guide and makeAD/HD and the College Student the definitive guide for managing AD/Hdin college.


“With practical advice on dealing with medication, emotional issues, general health, and when if may be time to call it quits, ADHD [and the College Student] is a strong addition to general education collections. Highly recommended.” — Midwest Book Review