The Spirit Bundle

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Written in the developing genre of Visionary Fiction, The Spirit Bundle has elements of romance, paranormal adventures, and mystery. In December, 2004, Flyn Devon and Selena Howells are awakened in the middle of the night to witness a powerful energy entering their studio apartment. This event marks the beginning of the transition of Pop Pop, Flyn’s grandfather, and many changes in their lives. They transport Flyn’s mother, Annie, and his dying grandfather to Eagle Butte, South Dakota so the Old Man can die with his people. Caring for him during the trip also requires caring for three hide bags which contain items to assist Grandpa in what has been his work. Trying to sleep on the make-shift bed prepared on the floor of the van, Selena reconnects with her sometimes-demanding spirit friend, Amach. She is drawn into Amach’s body and world where Amach is a Medicine Woman. Selena also connects with Amach by automatic writing. On arrival, Flyn and Selena face the challenges of learning how to live on a reservation, survive freezing temperatures, have private time, and blend with the routine of a large family. Selena acknowledges her unease with Native Americans because of past experiences with her late husband, David, who sought to learn the philosophy and practices of this culture. She is also uncomfortable because of her career as a psychic energy worker who can see spirits. As Selena assists in Grandpa’s dying, another spirit comes through the opening between the worlds to haunt her. Flyn and Selena learn during Grandpa’s Memorial of the extent of this man’s ceremonies and healing for his family, his tribe, and his Lakota way of life. Flyn is surprised when given the responsibility of caring for Grandpa Fred’s Spirit Bundle for a year and told to return at its end for two sacred ceremonies: The Wiping of Tears and the Return of the Spirit. Preparing for the burial, Selena realizes one of the Grandpa’s bundles is different. Annie confirms that it has been stolen and predicts accidents and mishaps will result. Performing the daily honoring ritual for the Bundle and participating in a four-day Vision Quest, Flyn reconnects with his Lakota heritage by facing the demons of his past. He and Selena’s love is tested through separation, conflicting attitudes, and the changing dynamics of their relationship. Selena is drawn more and more to inhabit Amach’s mind and body. She becomes immersed in the drama of Amach’s losing the respect of her tribe, her home, medicine herbs, and the love of her man, Dreag. The newly self-proclaimed leader of the tribe, Tobar, accuses her of manipulating lives for her own benefit. Then she is accused of Tobar's murder. Isolated and sick, she searches for connection with the spirit of her dead mother to find help and healing. At each automatic writing session, Selena learns truths that apply to all humans on how to stand in balance and prevent the potential expansion of Earth disasters. Drawn deeper and deeper into Amach’s life, Selena has trouble returning to Flyn. In one episode, Flyn sees a hand impression appearing on Selena’s cheek. They realize this is a bleed through and are concerned at how intense her connection is becoming. Interspersed between chapters are seven vignettes which tell a story of their own about the Honoring Ceremony performed with Grandpa Fred’s Spirit Bundle. Returning to South Dakota, Flyn and Selena are embraced by the family in ways they could never have anticipated. Before the Release of the Spirit Ceremony, the thief of Grandpa’s healing bundle is discovered. Although Flyn, Selena, and Amach are tormented by the shame of their past, they are helped by their connections to spirits beyond this time and place to embrace their fuller potentials and understand how their destinies might be intertwined across time.


Earlene Gleisner, RN/Reiki Master, is following her long-held dream of writing and offering Reiki. She has contributed articles to two Canadian anthologies and a medical manual for physicians and written medical and news articles, plus personal essays, to local newspapers. Through her publishing company, White Feather Press, she created "Reiki In Everyday Living" as a complement to her practice and teachings as a Reiki Master. That collection of essays and poems has been translated into four languages and published in five countries. "Just For Today" is a channeled teaching focused on The Five Precepts of Reiki with a Native American flavor. Three short, non-fiction Reiki ebooks will be available in 2017: Reiki: Common Sense and Science, Reiki for Professionals, Reiki in the Now. Her fiction includes three short stories. “Life On A Limb” is a story of transition. “Angel Breath” tells of a Hospice nurse who is now a widow and facing her first Christmas alone. “The Escape” introduces Sam and Lydia, grandparents who run away from home in their Air Stream and will include thirteen more stories of their adventures. The Sacred Bundle Series is her current project and was inspired by her thirty-three years of traveling with the indigenous people of this Turtle Island and her studies into paranormal activities. This series of four novels weaves a circular tale about relationships across time, which includes the relationships we have with ourselves, each other, our spiritual paths, and with our Earth. The first book, "The Marriage Bundle" is available through, as well as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It will soon be in eBook form on Kindle and other devices. The second book of the series, "The Spirit Bundle" will be published in February, 2017, and, in time, "The Women’s Bundle" and "The Earth Bundle" will follow. To sign up for Earlene's newsletter, go to her above-listed website. For announcements and other news, you can join White Feather Press Facebook page. Earlene currently lives in Northern California.