Classic Radio Sci-Fi: BBC Drama Collection

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Five classics are brought vividly to life, with casts including Robert Glenister, William Gaunt, Carleton Hobbs and Joanne Froggatt. "Frankenstein" (1994): one of the first science fiction novels. "The Time Machine" (2009): one of the first time travel stories. "The Lost World" (1975): a classic Afantasy adventure story. "R.U.R." (1989): introduced the word 'robot' to the English language. "Solaris" (2007): Lem's pioneering ghost story set in space. A bonus PDF file features extensive sleeve notes by Andrew Pixley.


Arthur Conan Doyle, H. G. Wells, Karel Kapek, Mary Shelley and Stanislaw Lem are all classic science fiction writers.