Late One Night

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Late one night, among the stars, lingered yet another black soul as a sacrifice of a forbidden courtship deemed unlawful and ungodly by a society of the 1960s that segregated its liaisons into streaks of black and white. Wayne Demi was robbed of his young life on his fifteenth birthday by a hit-and-run accident, only it was not an accident. His death was society’s cruel way of negating the existence of miscegenation. But his soul did not discriminate; it haunted those who were the victims and those who were the oppressors, the blacks and whites, the men and women. No one was free of the thick grey clouds of slavery and racism. Among the fraudulence and contradictions, everyone suffered, the slaves and their masters, the dehumanized blacks and the white supremacists. In this historically fictional thriller, a mystery murder and an interracial love affair connect like the inner workings of a clock. Each character, like every mechanical piece, completes the outcome of the puzzle of such a corrupt society. Will more lives be lost? More souls sacrificed?


Born in Cairo, Egypt, in the early 90's, I grew up to love listening to my mother tell stories. As I got older and was able to read and write independently, I began telling my own stories, initially writing in Arabic. After moving to the States in 2001, I began my first short story titled, The Three Fashion Girls and Their Mystery. Unfortunately, it ended up lost in the school's cafeteria, never to be found again. But this urged my inspiration and now I am the author of this first, major work, Late One Night. I wanted my first novel to be an independent project, all me, and I am proud to present it to all my family, friends, special someone and all of you who choose to pick up this book and enjoy my hard work to tell this one amazing, thrilling, story.