Parents of Human
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Parents are an important consumer of education in a school—apart from the students. If the paradigm of a parent does not match with one of the school, there will be many conflicts between both parties. The casualty will be our children.

In this practical book, Munif Chatib wants to help parents in ensuring the success of their children’s education. Based on his experience as an educational consultant, Munif Chatib provides new insights to change parent’s paradigm to see that all children are smart, all children have potential, every children is a star.


Munif Chatib started his career as a lawyer and turned into educational consultant after participating in a Distance Learning at Supercamp Oceanside, California, with Bobbi DePorter in 1998-1999. He majored in Early Child Education at Universitas Negeri Jakarta post-graduate program. He has written more than five books on education.


“I find many laudable and positive things written therein. [This] book will help many parents see the divine in their children.”—Thomas Armstrong, PhD., an expert on multiple intelligences