The Contented Little Husband

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The thought of bringing your bundle of joy home can be unnerving. They leave socks around the house, don’t make the bed, and always leave the toilet seat up. Not to fear—The Contented Little Husband is here to help you train your partner and make your relationship work best for you. Tess Read has worked with thousands of women, helping them establish a routine that works for their husbands and partners, and has formulated if not an exact science, then at least an inexact social science, for what makes Contented Little Husbands. Whether it comes to working out who takes out the garbage—them—who makes the dinner—preferably them—and who makes the bed—realistically, you—a routine around each domestic task can make your Little Husband a compliant, happy soul, who is Contented, and therefore nice to have around the place. And this makes for a Contented Little You.


Tess Read is an author whose husband is occasionally contented.