La tortuga, el pez y el pájaro

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More About This Title La tortuga, el pez y el pájaro


This is the story of a turtle who dreamt of flying, a fish who wished to walk, and a bird who aspired to swim. Sometimes nature does not give us what we want, but we can achieve it through other means. The important thing is not to give up, and to continue fighting for our dreams. Let your imagination soar and reach for your goals through this magical tale.


Ilya Chlaki is the author of more than 50 plays, of which at least 12 have been translated into German. His creations have been performed in the United States, Germany, Russia, Belorussia, and Kazakhstan. He has also received countless prizes for his work. Natalie Pudalov received a degree in graphic design from the Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Afterwards, she also studied illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Germany. Her work has led her to win numerous awards and has been selected in various editions of the Children’s Book Far in Bologna.