Heather Young

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She was dumped partially clothed by her abusive father in an alley in San Antonio, Texas. She is discovered there by a gang whose leader phones James Oliver Young, interim pastor of Geneva Presbyterian Church. Jim and his wife, Diane, drive into the city to meet with the gang. Jim and Diane take Heather to the ER at Northside Hospital.

Heather makes known her desire to spend the night with Jim and Diane rather than be turned over to Child Protective Services. Her stay with the Young family is extended into weeks. Adoption papers are filed by Jim and Diane.

Cynthia Young and Peter Young, both Naval Officers home on leave, accept her as a sibling immediately. Living in the Young home enables Heather to internalize an identity as a Young long before the adoption makes it official.

Heather develops a sense of self worth and self esteem. Her influence on the Young family and others is as profound as their influence on her. She emerges as a “larger than life” individual with powerful attributes and talents.


The Rev. Doctor David C. Marx grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He was an interim ministry specialist and a navy chaplain. The fictional Young family was established as a Navy family in James Oliver Young: Interim Pastor. It is not surprising that Heather in the sequel, Heather Young, wants to be a Navy nurse like her mom (Diane) and her sister (Cynthia).