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Fortunately for me, I was born with a vivid imagination. As a child it got me into a lot of trouble. As a working adult, I was able to use my thoughts to come up with new ideas, to cut the workload, by deleting antiquated ways of accomplishing tasks. Constantly changing the way things are done does not necessarily endear you to the echelon, if they appear negligent. However, I enjoyed all my years of working, and when I retired, my imagination was left wanting, until characters began visiting my brain. They come to me and tell me their stories, and once their information goes on paper, and, correct according to them, off they go and new characters arrive. I never know who will visit me next until they arrive, and the new story is flowing out my fingers. Retirement is far more fun than I expected it to be; but then, I was born with a vivid imagination.


I was raised in a military family and enjoyed a childhood of adventure and travel, eventually trading my dressy hat for a uniform, and then spent the next several years in the US Army. Today, I am a great-grandmother living on a farm where my days are occupied with the peace and quiet, a variety of animals, and the time to write my stories.

I am a mother, grandmother, and looking forward to my first great-grandchild. My working years were spent in the US Army, federal government and state government services. I am a disabled veteran, presently living on a farm, enjoying the peace and quiet, where I can write stories as my characters come to mind. I can’t imagine not working!