The Return of Sparrow

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Ride the range once again with the bounty hunters Jay Gray Wolf, Reed Bywater, and Bill Hendrickson from Under the West Texas Sky, who hunt the black-hearted Ray Sparrow after he kidnapped Amber Lee and BiBi La’Font. Will Savannah Taylor and Jeanne La’Font, the phantoms from years past, succeed against what the dark, evil Sparrow has in store for their young daughters, or will Sparrow conquer the women that he has sought for fifteen years? Ride the West Texas range south into Mexico, with the wild twists and turns that will have you wanting more. With Gatling guns and updated weapons supplied by Waylon Cole, the inner circle of professionals gather together with Clay Taylor, Ezra Daniels, and Robert Leary, in the rescue of two young girls from the clutches of Sparrow. Become the hunter or the hunted.


R. S. Wells, author of Under the West Texas Sky, has added to the series yet another thrilling adventure with wild west action and historical facts of the times with fictional characters that live and breathe with each word read. R. S. Wells was born in Dallas, Texas, and attended D.I.S.D. and graduated in 1981. Following graduation, she attended Mountain View College in Dallas, Texas, Paris Junior College in Paris, Texas, and now resides in northeast Texas. R. S. Wells is the author of Under the West Texas Sky.