Tribulation Birth Pains

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The prophets of old peered through the veil of the shadow of time, into the future, as a testimony of the latter days to the “last generation.” This day is now upon us. Bible scholars and most foundational believers know that the Scriptures ascribe prophetically to a one-world empire, ruled by a diabolical, ruthless leader, known as the Antichrist. The Major and Minor Prophets foretell of this state of wickedness, when fire and brimstone will fall upon the creation as God’s judgment upon a wicked and perverse world. Will the earth be plunged into spiritual darkness with the reappearance of demonic alien beings from another dimension, as it was in the days of Noah? Will the land-for-peace negotiations in Israel spark an ethnic Islamic-Israeli war that will lead to World War III? Today, the stage is set and the actors are in place. Are we, who are alive today, that “last generation” preceding the tribulation time, described in the book of the Revelation? Have no doubt, the appointed time for the return of Jesus Christ is imminent, even at the door. Heaven and earth will pass away, and the elements will melt in fervent heat, but he who stands faithful until the end shall see the face of God.


Pastor Fred D. Hofeldt, M.D. is the founder and Shepherd of Judeo-Christian Israel Alliance, a Hebraic-Christian congregation focused on restoring the foundations of the Christian faith to that of the First Century church. His desire is to acquaint believers with the Church’s lost legacy of its Hebrew roots. He is a retired U.S. Army Colonel, medical practitioner, educator, clinical investigator and a former Professor of Medicine at the University of North Dakota and University of Colorado Health Science Center. He has published extensively in peer-review medical journals, and medical textbooks. TRIBULATION BIRTH PAINS is his third Christian book published and distributed by PublishAmerica.