Challenging The Forces of Hate

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While this novel is a sequel to The Wounds of Hate, the focus moves from the schools to the neighborhoods in San Jose, California and Tijuana, Mexico. Here, the problems, which face the defense attorneys and the prosecution team, are described as they work tirelessly to bring the criminals to justice. The problems in our society are of vital importance to everyone. How forcefully must it be emphasized? That people who are driven by hate and prejudice destroy not only the people they dislike, but also the entire society that surrounds them? The main characters in the novel are Kathy Stacy, a preschool teacher, Jim Irving, principal at John Dewey High School; Paula Klein, former teacher at Jefferson High School and Roy Larson, special investigator for the prosecution. As the story evolves, Kathy and Paula find themselves in more and more dangerous situations as well as active participants in a love story, which sweep them close to the edge of destruction.


Helene Vorce-Tish, former high school English and creative writing teacher, has written a wide range of articles whichhave appeared both nationally and internationally in magazines and newspapers. She has been a speaker for a variety of organizations related to education and has been interviewed on television shows. She graduated from Michigan State University and later received her MA with honors from the University of New Mexico. Presently, she lives in the foothills in Northern California with her husband, Bill and enjoys tennis, swimming and jogging.