Trucking Tim

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In Trucking Tim: The Man Behind The Mike, authors Marie Mason and Charise Ridley spins a dramatic, very emotional, and unexpected twist, as Tim struggles to overcome barriers, obstacles, even mental and physical abuse during his childhood.

Set in Nashville, Tennessee, in a world of entrepreneurs and historical buildings, Tim Ridley had a dream---and he would stop at nothing to make that dream a reality. The goal was set…but climbing the steps to success was not easy. Coming from the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ was not a deterrent, but living with an alcoholic and abusive father certainly didn’t help matters.

Based on a true story, Tim Ridley is tangled in a web that appeared hopeless and impossible. In trying to protect his mother, he became a victim and landed in the hospital with broken bones and lacerations. His younger sisters, Dionne, Charise, and Lashaunda desperately tried to help each other and their mother, and to reassure Tim in his struggles for success.

Thus begins a fast-paced chapter of their lives, as they race from happiness to laughter and tears. As the years past…it gives way to hope, love, and success.

With fresh insight and humility, Marie Mason and Charise Ridley spin an intriguing story of a young boy who dream and hope, struggle and triumph, and ultimately realize his dream. They weave a powerful message that only the two of them can deliver.