The Gods Wear Many Faces

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On a new adventure in his life, Hercules, son of the god Zeus, and the mortal woman, Alcmene, falls in love with the priestess-queen Astarte. However, the robber, Iole enters their lives, resulting in the death of Astarte. Hercules searches for Iole, and her lover tries to kill Hercules. Hercules touches a magic amulet, a gift of Zeus, and is transported to the Twenty-first Century where he meets Anna Russell. Anna and her uncle Alex are currently fleeing the Mafia, and Hercules assists them in their escape. Alex is killed, Anna and Hercules flee to France. Again, the magic amulet transports them, this time back to the First Century BCE, where Anna becomes Queen of Alcimion, is seduced by Zeus, and finally, as Alcmene is carried away to live with the gods on Mount Olympus.


Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I attended Saint Michael’s College, University of Toronto, Canada, and Loyola University, Baltimore, Maryland, graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in English Literature. I served in the United States Military for 26 years. Presently retired, I live with my wife in Clermont, Florida.