Classic BBC Radio Shakespeare: Romances

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These three plays, performed by some of the best-known theatrical actors of the 20th Century, are the perfect way to commemorate England's greatest dramatist. In The Winter's Tale, one man's consuming jealousy threatens to destroy both himself and those around him, but his actions arouse a sense of honor, love, justice, and self-sacrifice in members of his Court and family. In Pericles, Pericles is haunted by Fate, buffeted by storms, driven from country to country, and separated from his wife and daughter. Having endured his wayward Fortune, will he be reunited with his family? Finally, The Tempest, set on an enchanted island ruled by the sorcerer Prospero, is a spellbinding tale of magic, illusion, forgiveness, and repentance, and is one of the bard's greatest plays. Unabridged.