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More About This Title THE SWORD OF OSMAN BEY


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Title :The Sword of Osman Bey
Gentre: literary fiction
Target group: young adults, 10-18

The events mentioned in The Sword of Osman Bey take place in the Garden of Neden. The year is 1570. The Turks are poised to overrun the Island of Cyprus. Against this backdrop the people of the Garden are least worried about the threat. They leave all their worries to Mayor Calisthenics.
How the wily mayor wins freedom for them is the gist of this story.
Total word Count: 48082
An outline chapter by chapter is given below


The Garden Of Neden
The Sleepy Heads play with politics; gathering storm

Chapter- 1
At Sixes And Sevens
Mayor Calisthenics takes office and for the Sleepy Heads it is business as usual; Dr.Jerry ’Full’ Can gives them an idea.
Chapter- 2
The Visitation
The Turks land on the part of the Garden; the Sleepy Heads welcome them.

Chapter- 3
Captain Kous- Kous Asks A Favor
Captain of the Golden Dawn gives a tip to the Mayor; he also wants the favor returned if he succeeds with the Grand Mufti.

Chapter- 4
The Mayor Parleys With The Grand Mufti
The Mayor and Prince compare notes and Al-Wa’sik offers freedom on condition.

Chapter- 5
Up And Down
Captain Kous-Kous has found an enemy in the Mullah. The Mayor puts in a word for the Captain and the Prince promotes him as his viceroy.

Chapter- 6
Mullah Murad Plays A Trick
Mayor Calisthenics is criticized for his deal with the Prince; Mullah Murad in order to scuttle the work of the Viceroy gets elected into his council.

Chapter- 7
A Blast From The Past
The Mayor sends a message to the King who is deep into intrigue. He has Captain Black Hand to help him. The Pirate recognizes Mullah Murad and detains him.

Chapter- 8
The Night Out
The Prince is intrigued by the Mullah. The Pirate in his new role makes some progress. The Viceroy in disguise leaves for the Garden.

Chapter- 9
At Cross Purposes
The Prince secretly meets the Mayor and leaves the treasury for the Viceroy. Meeting of the Mayor and the Viceroy.

The Sword of Osman Bey
After the levee the Prince entrusts the Mayor the sword of Osman Bey. He has to produce it on his return. Freedom of the Sleepy Heads depend on that.

Chapter- 11
Maxim Drops A Clue
Maxim and Maisy stumble upon something strange at Silver Point. The Mayor is intrigued. Meanwhile the Viceroy has to deal with two Mullahs? Which one is the real?

Chapter- 12
Two Mullahs
The children follow their lead to look closely and realize the ‘treasure’ has already been cleared by the Mayor. During the meeting two Mullah’s confront each other. The pirate is put in charge of the Works.

Chapter- 13
Black Hand Takes Charge
The pirate to his shock realizes how the development program is paid for. The Sleepy Heads are involved in the program.
At The Mullet Express
The Viceroy is the guest of the Mayor at the Mullet Express where the conspirators are confronted. King Nicias realizes he is beaten.

Bear No Malice
The Prince returns and grants freedom to the Sleepy Heads. During the celebrations Black Hand sneaks away. The prince to his dismay realizes he has lost a fortune.