Natalie's Dilemma

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Natalie saves a young girls life in a unconventional way and the events of her life will bring her full circle and face to face with the son of the serial killer she helped bring to justice. Now that her life is at a turning point and she finds her self waking up to realize that the technology and events that was only seen in sifi movies back when is now coming to pass today. You’ve got to be kidding? Could it be prophecy being full filled or something more sinister? Mean while a small town is taken by surprise when some of the most influential people find out they could be accomplices to kidnapping and murder. So take some time to visit with the man of the house, and remember things aren’t always what they seem.


I am a proud mother of four, grandma of seven grand children. Presently owns & operates a small farm with her oldest daughter raising goats. I enjoy watching baby goats bouncing across the pasture, wood burning, horse riding. Fan of Gold Rush, Gunsmoke, Bones, Pawn Stars , John Hagee, Hal Lindsey, and an avid student of Bible Prophecy.