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It's the eighties and Groom Lake is full of secrets. Outside of the public view and working in the dark, the Special Access Projects of Area 51 have become the go-to solutions for some of our nation's most sensitive problems. With North Korea increasing their tactical nuclear capability and the President demanding information, General Mitchell goes once again to his Top Secret arsenal to get results. When the mission goes awry, there is only one team secret enough to set things right -- the Nighthawks.Nighthawks is a provocative thriller that provides insight into the duty, honor, and sacrifice of those who work in secret, doing great deeds that forever remain unknown.


John lives in New York with his wife and is the author of articles, short fiction, and novels. He is an incurable wanderlust and is currently working on the novel The Heart.

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"Nighthawks takes the reader on a wild ride from the strategic to tactical level of war and back again. If you're a techno-thriller and action junkie, breakout novelist and Air Force veteran John Harbour has your next fix." -- Brian L. Braden, Assistant Editor Underground Book Reviews and author of Black Sea Gods

"One to read on your next plane journey - the journey will soon pass-by as this is a real page turner." -- UK Amazon 4 Star Review Verified Purchase

"Very well written and engaging from start to finish. Buy, borrow or steal this book, it's a winner."

"Classic military black ops book, would recommend if you like Matthew Reilly..."

"If you enjoy thrillers, particularly military ones, then this is a must. Johnson's pacing, scene setting and characterisation are excellent. More than that, this book is very readable and doesn't make assumptions about the reader like some other military fiction can. Often I was finding myself putting something else off just to find out what happened next."