What’s Your Excuse for not Living a Life You Love?
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More About This Title What’s Your Excuse for not Living a Life You Love?


Written for people who feel ‘stuck’, or who have reached a point where their life just doesn’t feel right anymore.
Monica helps readers to tackle the things which are holding them back and gives ideas, advice and inspiration to help them move on to a better life.

Back cover reads:
Overcome your excuses and lead a happier, more fulfilling life. Are you stuck in a life you don't love? Have you reached a point where your life doesn't feel right for you anymore? Then this book is for you.
This is not yet another self-help book claiming to reveal the secret to permanent happiness. Instead, it helps you to tackle the things which have been holding you back and gives ideas, advice and inspiration to help you move on to a better life. Don't know what you want? Scared of failure? Hate change? Worried about what others might think?
This book will help you overcome all of your excuses and give you the motivation you need to change your life.


Monica Castenetto is a life coach, workshop leader, motivational speaker and expert on personal change who helps her clients to transform their lives and find happiness and fulfilment

Monica is active on Twitter and Facebook and runs a popular networking group in SW London where she regularly promotes her book.


Stuck in a life you don’t love?
What is a life you love?
The benefits of living a life you love
The cost of not living a life you love
Creating change in your life
A word about excuses
How this book will help you
The Excuses
I’m not ready
Now is not the right time
It’s not all that bad, after all
It’s not my fault
I haven’t got enough information
I can’t decide
It’s too big
I’m too old
It’s too late
I haven’t got the confidence
I can’t do it
I haven’t got what it takes
It hasn’t worked before
I’m a creature of habit
It’s self-indulgent and selfish
It’s too risky
I don’t have the courage
What if I get it wrong?
I don’t want to be a failure
I don’t want to be disappointed
I’m afraid of getting lost
I don’t want to look stupid
I’m afraid of taking responsibility
I’m afraid of success
I haven’t got the time
I’ll do it later
It will take too long
I can’t afford it
I will lose my income
Doing what I love doesn’t pay
I don’t want to be poor
I don’t want to lose my lifestyle
I’ll lose my Frequent Flyer card
I don’t know what I want
I don’t know how
I don’t know where to start
I don’t know how to explain it to others
Other People
Others will see the real me
What I really want to do is weird
People will judge me
I’ll lose my partner / family / friends
My kids need me
Some Final Thoughts
About the Author
Reference / Bibliography


"Monica has a reassuring and wise voice throughout and gives you a sense of being in safe hands. Leave those excuses on the shelf along with your unwanted fears and unfulfilled dreams"
Carole Ann Rice, life coach, author and columnist

“Whether you are thinking or dreaming of doing something different with your life, from giving up your corporate job and becoming self-employed to moving countries, or whether you are looking to make smaller positive changes to your life, this is the book for you! Down to earth and frankly awe-inspiring, it wants you to know that you can live a life you love.
Monica is one of the most fabulous and thought-provoking ladies I know and her book provides excellent advice and inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Anything is possible in this life, and Monica is there to guide you, and help YOU reach YOUR goals and dreams”
Jane Hardy, Director of Fabulous Women and Marvellous Men

"This book truly reflects what Monica is great at - helping you to map out your change and get started with it, turning what seem to be challenges into manageable steps. Use it to create some structure for your change, and gently get beneath the surface of what is holding you back. Just like Monica’s coaching, this book will never direct you; instead, it supports you in identifying your own solutions, with all the flexibility you need for the individual that you are. It’s also really enjoyable – and I now feel more motivated and confident to achieve the changes I want to make in my life!”
Mark Rouvray, Activ Web Design

“Monica’s enthusiasm for life, her energy for following her own varied interests and her grounded, supportive and well-structured coaching programmes stimulate and inspire her clients to find ways to live the life they love.”
Nicci Bonfanti, Sales Coach and Mentor, Director of Manage2Improve and Trusted Sales Dynamics

"This easy to read yet profound book, full of practical wisdom, should be a gift to every young adult. We would create a world of happy, contented people!”
Andrea Encinas, Director of British Gospel Arts and Winner of Lady Hilary Groves Making Music Award

“Monica has written an extremely simple and useable book with many practical tips to help you succeed in living the life you love. Through her own personal journey, and through coaching her clients, Monica is aware of all our excuses and the little voice in our head which prevents us from moving forward, and she provides practical and helpful guidance about what to do when your mind is getting the better of you. I find Monica's book hugely motivational – it makes me feel like I have the support of a very trusty friend to hold my hand as I take my own steps towards living the life I love".
Erin Lewis, Yoga Teacher & Therapist