Thinking Outside the Oven
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"After completing highly successful careers in naval intelligence, public affairs, and combat aircraft development, author Ned Conger has produced solutions to fifty-eight problems and situations, most of them applicable to every nation worldwide, but some designed for specific areas in the United States.

In Thinking Outside the Oven, he shares his thoughts on an array of subjects, the most important of which is a plan for countering global warming, a program that can be implemented immediately. In addition, he offers a series of essays that look at a wide range of topics?from improving the marking of streets and highways, to countering avian flu, to revitalizing America?s cities by elevating park areas, and to improving fuel mileage in eighteen-wheelers.

Presenting solutions to some common and heavyweight problems that plague the world right now, Thinking Outside the Oven is intended as a stimulus for much-needed action. Conger encourages the public to get involved and act."

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