The English Civil War in 100 Facts

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The English Civil War pitted Parliament against the king following a breakdown in their relationship, ultimately caused by a struggle over power and control. The Civil War split the country and resulted in the execution of Charles I and the exile of his son, and the English monarchy was replaced first by the Commonwealth of England and then the Protectorate. Oliver Cromwell dominated the politics of the new rule and still divides opinion today, with some seeing him as a brutal dictator and others seeing him as a hero of liberty or a class revolutionary. This book guides us through some of the key figures and their stories, for example Charles I, Charles II and Oliver Cromwell, as well as some of the key battles and politics in this period that drastically altered the structure of English rule.


Andrew Lacey completed his first degree in history, followed by a Masters in Library and Information Studies. He has subsequently been a history tutor for adult education at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Alongside his career, Andrew has gained a PhD on 'The Cult of King Charles the Martyr' from the University of Leicester and lectures on a variety of Tudor and Stuart subjects.