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UNtold is a provocative, engaging exploration of the United Nations, including its history and how it functions. This is a “warts and all” look at a controversial institution that over 70 years has variously evoked respect, indifference, and outrage from the U.S. media. The author and illustrator bring their personal experience with the UN at all levels to the concise, informative text and whimsical cartoons, describing how the organization is supposed to work, how it actually behaves, and why there’s a difference! UNtold reveals the quirks and mysteries of international diplomacy and global decision-making. Delightfully funny and irreverent, the message is that this vital body really represents “We the peoples of the world.”


Ian Williams is a prolific writer who has been covering the United Nations, among other subjects, since 1989. He has personally known four secretary generals, and innumerable diplomats and officials worldwide. In 1995, for the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, while he was president of the UN Correspondents’ Association, Williams wrote UN for Beginners, on which his new book UNtold is based. An associate professor at Bard Center for Globalization and International Affairs, he lectures on the UN and the Responsibility to Protect. Clark Christian has won two Emmy awards as a writer for Sesame Street. His cartoons have appeared in publications world-wide including Punch and Private Eye magazines, The Washington Post, the Guardian, the Toronto Star, Playboy and India's The Illustrated Weekly