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More About This Title Mobilized


Mobile has now become such an integral part of how we live that, for many people, losing a cell phone is like losing a limb. Everybody knows mobile is the future, and every business wants in, but what are the elements of mobile success?

SC Moatti, a Silicon Valley veteran who was an executive with Facebook, Trulia, and Nokia, gives businesses and professionals simple ways to thrive in this modern day “gold rush.” More than a book on technology, this is a book about human nature and what matters most to us.

Moatti shows that because mobile products have become extensions of ourselves, we expect from them what we wish for ourselves: an attractive body, a meaningful life, and a growing repertoire of skills. She has created an all-encompassing formula that makes it easy for any business to develop a strategy for creating winning mobile products.

Her Body Rule dictates that mobile products must appeal to our sense of beauty—but beauty in a mobile world is both similar to and different from what it means offline. The Spirit Rule says mobile products must help us address our deepest personal needs. And the Mind Rule explains that businesses that want to succeed in mobile need to continually analyze the user experience so they can improve every iteration of their products.

Moatti includes case studies from mobile pioneers such as Facebook, Uber, Tinder, WhatsApp, and more. The market is full of how-to books for programming apps, but no works examine what is required for success in the mobile era. Until now.


SC Moatti is a mobile veteran from Silicon Valley and a recognized thought leader on mobile, innovation, and leadership. While serving as an executive at mobile pioneers such as Facebook, Trulia, and Nokia, Moatti launched and monetized mobile products that are now used by billions of people and have received prestigious awards, including an International Digital Emmy Award nomination. Moatti currently runs Products That Count, an organization that helps businesses of all sizes become mobile. She is a lecturer at Stanford University, where she earned her MBA and has a master of science in electrical engineering. For more information, visit


Introduction: Experiencing the Mobile Revolution Firsthand
1. The New Gold Rush
2. The Body Rule: The Best Mobile Products Operate by Beauty
3. The Spirit Rule: The Best Mobile Products Give Us Meaning
4. The Mind Rule: The Best Mobile Products Learn as We Use Them
5. The Mobile Formula in the Past, Present, and Future
Conclusion: Now, It's Your Turn


“Moatti gets what makes people fall in love with mobile. And now you get in on her formula. Business is too important to be left to luck. Ignore this book at your peril.”
—Jonathan Badeen, cofounder and Senior Vice President of Product, Tinder

“For years, we talked about the rise of mobile, but the shift has definitively happened for people and it's imperative that businesses understand how to be successful. Moatti shares valuable insights for anyone who doesn't want to be left behind.”
—David Fischer, Vice President for Business and Marketing Partnerships, Facebook

“This book is rare. It looks at mobile with an insider's knowledge and deep caring about human beings.”
—Chris Anderson, CEO, 3D Robotics, and New York Times bestselling author of The Long Tail

“Moatti brings together art, science, real-world case studies, and practical advice to help your teams make sense of and succeed with mobile.”
—Kira Wampler, Chief Marketing Officer, Lyft

“SC Moatti is a genius at making mobile products people love. In a disarmingly simple style that makes it accessible to a wide audience, mobilized provides the key to succeeding in mobile.”
—Andrew Chen, Head of Supply Growth, Uber

“This is an engaging and thought-provoking read. The book itself conforms to the first component of Moatti's Mobile Formula: its simplicity and efficiency make it a thing of beauty.”
—James Lattin, Robert A. Magowan Professor of Marketing, Stanford Graduate School of Business

“Mobile has taken the world by storm. Moatti has written a brilliant book that should be read by anyone who doesn't want to be left behind. Get it as quickly as you can.”
—Patricia Roller, founder and former CEO, Frog Design

“A fun and practical read for everyone who cares about understanding mobile.”
—Sverre Munck, Chairman of the Board, Opera Software