Learn Continental Knitting Class DVD

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Many Europeans knit in what’s called “Continental Style.” In this technique, you hold and “throw” the yarn with your left hand, which often translates into faster, easier and more even knitting. Knowing Continental Knitting will build skills that will make more advanced techniques including stranded knitting, lace and cables easier to learn and master. Join expert Lena Skvagerson in this all-new Annie’s video class, Learn Continental Knitting. In this class, you’ll learn how to: · Comfortably hold the yarn and needles in your hands. · Work the long-tail cast-on and Norwegian cast-on. · Cast-on using regular needles, double-point needles and a circular needle. · See how the Norwegian cast-on creates a sturdy but stretchy edge great for edges on socks and hat. · Knit, purl and create attractive texture by working rib stitch, moss stitch and seed stitch. · Work a stretchy 2 x 2 rib and a smoother 1 x 1 rib. · Increase and decrease. · Pick up stitches and bind off. · Create a very even, smooth seam ideal for joining two pieces together with the 3-needle bind-off. · Work a simple cable design. · Work easy stranded knitting with a Fair Isle swatch. Class includes complete step-by-step instructions and materials list for the Nordkapp Textured Hoodie. It’s the perfect project for practicing and mastering your newfound Continental Knitting skills!


Lena Skvagerson is the lead designer of Annie's Signature Designs as well as designing for Creative Knitting Magazine, Crochet! Magazine and Crochet World. Lena passionately designs everything from exquisite knit shawls to adorable crochet booties. She draws her creativity from more than 25 years in the European knit and crochet design markets. In 2016 she put together Annie’s bestselling collections “Annie’s Summer Love Collection” and “Annie’s Autumn Bliss Collection”. You may also know her as one of the experts on the Annie’s television show, Knit and Crochet Now!, which airs on PBS and Create TV. Lena lives on the gorgeous California Central coast and has two kids in college.