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Art Business Today: 20 Key Topics is an accessible and comprehensive companion to the business of art written by leading experts in the field, many of them based at Sotheby's Institute of Art. It is an essential reference book for students in the areas of art business, arts management, the creative and cultural industries, art history, and general business and management. The key topics covered range from larger-scale questions about the globalisation, funding, and ethics of the art market, to entries more focussed on art objects themselves, such as connoisseurship, authenticity and conservation. Providing an up-to-date entree to the processes, structures, trends and peculiarities of the global art business, this book will fascinate all those unfamiliar with its opaque practices and traditions.


Jos Hackforth-Jones is Director of Sotheby's Institute, London and co-editor (with Megan Aldridge) of Art and Authenticity. Iain Robertson is Head of Art Business at Sotheby's Institute, London and author of A New Art from Emerging Markets.