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Charles A. Lindbergh–aviator, adventurer, author, activist, pathfinder, fighter pilot, conservationist–has been forgotten by many Americans who no longer remember the checkered legacy of the world’s first true media celebrity. This book brings back to life that epic career in evocative text and hundreds of photographs, many rarely published, reawakening the careers of a man and his wife who achieved more, in more varied fields, than perhaps any couple in history. Lindbergh’s epic non-stop flight from New York to Paris in a single engine aircraft was the biggest media event in the 1920s and set up the United States to become a world leader in aviation.


In his 10th aviation history book, Bruce McAllister brings together a comprehensive collection of photographs of Charles Lindbergh's life. He has gathered over 240 historical photographs and illustrations from US and European sources. His previous titles are: Berlin Airlift, Skygirls, DC-3, Wings Over The Alaska Highway, Wings Above The Arctic, Wings Over The Yukon, Wings Over Denali, Wings Across America, and Vagabonds of the Sky. Wilkinson is ex-Executive Editor of FLYING, a regular contributor to Smithsonian's AIR & SPACE, and collaborated with Bruce McAllister on SKYGIRLS. He has flown more than 100 different kinds of aircraft and has 3100 hours flight time.