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One World: A Photographer's Global Journey is a distillation of the best images from a year-long adventure Oregon-based photographer Stuart Gordon embarked on with his wife and three children to 23 countries on six continents. In the first of a planned three volume set, the photographer brings you images of extraordinary landscapes from Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Oceania, South and Central America. Volume II will focus on wildlife from these regions, while Volume III captures the essence of the people and cultures encountered through portraiture, architectural and street photography. Volume I begins with the wild and alien landscapes of Iceland and the magical fjords of Norway. It proceeds to the pastoral beauty of England and Wales before introducing you to the magnificent panoramic beauty of the alpine regions in France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. The vineyards of Tuscany and the magic of the legendary isle of Capri also are featured through his lens. In southern Africa, be prepared for the raw beauty of the Zambezi River in Zambia and the stunning images of the Hermanus Lagoon region of South Africa. In Southeast Asia, Gordon aims his camera at the Eden-like beauty of the lush landscapes of Thailand and Cambodia, with its waterfalls and luxuriant vegetation. In New Zealand, the magical landscapes depicted in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies of Peter Jackson are captured by Gordon's camera. In Australia, Gordon expresses the vastness and beauty of the Aussie landscape in images of the country's national parks and marine reserves. The last continent on this epic adventure was South America, with stops in the wildly rugged and beautiful regions of Patagonia in Chile and Argentina; then onto Iguazu Falls, Argentina; the wondrous Galapagos Archipelago; and finally, the Ecuadorean and Costa Rican rainforests. In the collection of wildlife images of Volume 2, be prepared to see and feel what it was like to sit amid a pride of lions fresh off a zebra kill in Botswana and get up close and personal with rare and unique bird species in the Galapagos Islands and Costa Rican rainforests. Finally, in Volume 3 you will be introduced to the faces, architecture and cultural practices that made this journey such an unforgettable and transformative experience.


Stuart Gordon is an award-winning nature and travel photographer based in the Pacific Northwest, USA. His pursuit of extraordinary landscapes, wildlife and travel photography has taken him to dozens of countries around the world. In June 2014, he and his family embarked on a year-long journey to 23 countries on six continents during which he photographed the places, people and wildlife he encountered each and every day. The result is a remarkable collection of photographs that not only record the journey but capture the emotions the photographer felt when he pressed the camera shutter. Viewing these photographs will enable you to share in the unique experience of seeing something new each and every day for a year. The journey is contained in a 3 volume set. Volume 1 is devoted to the diversity of landscape locations visited on the adventure, from the remote volcanic lava fields of Iceland to the lush rainforests of Ecuador and Costa Rica. Volume 2 will focus on wildlife, and Volume 3 will feature the people, architecture and cultures encountered. Volumes 2 and 3 are scheduled to be published in late 2017. In the introduction to Volume 1, you will learn what led to the decision to undertake this epic travel adventure with their three school-age children and how this family's lives were influenced and transformed by the power of travel. "Extensive travel gave me the training I needed to make deeper, richer connections with nature and my surroundings< " the photographer said. "< y goal was to make images that perpetuate the raw emotions of the journey, rather than merely record the places we'd been and the people we'd met. I hope you feel some of the elation, wonder and gratitude I felt when I pressed the camera shutter button as you look at these images." It's the photographer's wish that whenever you view these images you are reminded that the things we all have in common as a human race are far more important and defining as a species than the artificial differences we create in our minds that lead to separation, division and war. As the book title states, we truly live in "One World" united in beauty – poignant, fragile, tenuous and enduring. It pays big dividends to get out and see it for yourself. No doubt you will fall in love with our planet and want to care for it the same way we want to protect and cherish the people we love. Stuart Gordon's work has been exhibited at a gallery in New York City and in Oregon through Photolucida. His images have been licensed by companies, such as REI, and published in national and regional magazines such as Outdoor Photographer, Landscape Photography Magazine and 1859. His work has been honored by the North American Nature Photography Association and Chasing The Light juried competition. Prints of his images are available at his online web gallery at Gordon is a former journalist and holds a blackbelt in the martial art of Aikido. In 2009, he turned to photography full-time. He currently lives in Oregon with his wife, Anne, and three children.