I Deserve to Live

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"I deserve to live" traces the history of codependency and related disorders in the family. It shows how codependency is passed from parent to children and continues on to the next generation until it is broken. This book gives examples of dysfunctional families that have developed poor relationship skills. And were not able to break free. Many people are robbed of their self-esteem and true potential as children living through a controlled environment by a stressor. This book shows how working with a trained professional people can learn to come out of the stage of denial, learn who they truly are, break free from the toxic relationships with parents and siblings and to live a normal life. This book also shows the importance of the father in the home. It gives examples of the misdirection of the families, when there is an inadequate or absence father. Abuses occurs with and without men in the home. Mothers can feel helpless in abusive situations that involve herself and the children. This book looks at some of the abuse that takes place in families that no one wants to talk about, this book uncovers it. Children grow into adulthood living in shame and fear of what they have lived through and that it might be repeated. Children who become adults coming out of abusive environment will seek or develop their own abusive relationships. This book shows how to break that cycle.


Dr. Davis is a veteran of the Vietnam war, as a paratrooper he served with the 101st airborne and earned a combat infantryman's badge. Veterans as well as women are near and dear to his heart. 7% of our veterans have posttraumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury and are committing suicide at the rate of 22 per day. He has a curative medicine for the wounds that won't heal. He values women everywhere knowing that they are the glue that holds everything together in our society and in our families. Women suffer in silence. They fall victim to some of the forms of physical mental or sexual abuse, millions of young women grow up without a prominent father figure, how can women be all things to all people and deny the hurts and the wounds that they share. Dr. Davis is a counselor, workshop presenter and a keynote speaker, he holds a PhD in philosophy and graduated summa cum laude from cornerstone University he has over 50 years of experience and is a licensed clinical pastoral counselor: board-certified by the national Christian counselors Association and with advanced certification in family crisis, abuse, addictions, anger, depression and PT SD