Love Has No Color
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"Nanzee Barden-Love, having twice married her heart and soul mate,still contends for his love within herself. Her attempt to prove her love as supreme had been whisked away from her grasp. She awakens from a traumatic experience to once again find herself a recipient and not a giver. She soon comes to understand that Basil?s love was not a game of give and take, but the kind you needed to live.

Upon returning to Summit, she is surprised by the work her dashing husband and his equally attractive twin brother, Blaise had done in her absence to make their lives more perfect. They had hired nannies to allow her time to fully recuperate. Nanzee, convinced of her unattractiveness, sees the help as a threat to her marriage, a fear compounded by forced abstinence. She is off on a grueling quest to retrieve her former figure and self esteem. She hopes it would bring the elusive intimacy back into their lives. ?It?s easy for me to excel in my exercise...because I?m running to you. When I get close enough, your arms are filled with our children. There is no room for me.? She had finally come to understand his question.

When she breaks down and explains her concerns, Basil is quick to assure her that there is no one else for him but her. He had seen firsthand her near ravaging during childbirth by the children he loved more than life. And though he feared that it could happen again, he promised: ?...As long as I live, if I?m ever inclined to make love to anyone again, it?ll be you.?"

Exhibited At: International book fairs