Witness to Greatness
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It is the very stuff of legend. A man from the very bottom of the American caste emerges, seemingly out of nowhere, captures the nation?s imagination and ? improbably -- within four odd years, defies gravity and rises to the dizzying height of the American presidency thereby becoming the first non-white in history elected to lead an overwhelmingly white nation. A Cinderella like fairy tale? No. That?s the story of President Barack Obama. Seismic and epic, it is a biblical tale of the trials, travails, tribulations and dazzling triumphs of the rejected stone that became cornerstone ? of Moses as pharaoh. Reviled and vilified like his legendary idol, Abraham Lincoln, whose election sparked the American civil war, Obama?s election likewise triggered ?a cold uncivil civil war.? That notwithstanding, his achievements are impressive even historic. Regarded as ?a Gettysburg-like pivotal moment? in American history, Obama?s metaphorical conquest of the American presidency is a monumental achievement, a crossing of the Rubicon and a historic 1066-type turning point matched in its sheer historic weight and majesty only by the achievements of Washington and Lincoln. It reboots American democracy and heralds a new ?Yes We can!? era of American and world history with new and expansive possibilities already evident in the unusual and iconoclastic demographic profiles of many of his wannabe successors. It gives credence to the creed ?All men are created equal? and confers legitimacy on American democracy. It redounds to the credit of the nation, and burnishes her image as the pacesetter in the quest for interracial harmony. Citing these and Obama?s many other achievements such as saving a moribund economy and reforming healthcare, the author predicts that Obama will be revered as one of America?s greatest presidents.

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