Telling Tales
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"Tales in this book are tiny in size, but titanic in effect. They dwell on various worldly and otherworldly aspects of life and present a wide angle view of the world. They are pregnant with thought. They focus on purpose of life, invocation of power in self, personality development, vision and mission, work culture, belief world, scientific outlook and holistic approach in life. They bring into spotlight many overlooked aspects of life and make readers notice them. They teach to transform the young world.
Various characters in the tales gods, god men, conquerors, commoners, saints, scholars, kings, courtiers, mentors, merchants, teachers, winners, birds, animals and other characters line up to amuse, enthuse, entertain, enthral, enlighten, enliven and engage readers through their telling and touching tales. They attempt to metamorphose denizens of dungeons into citizens of the world.
Telling tales, spinning yarns of magic, stand to take readers on a conducted trip into a literary world full of scenic spots and delight them with a sumptuous feast of joys."

Exhibited At: International book fairs