Along the Ganga

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The river Ganga is revered as ‘Ganga Mai’, the mother Ganga. The entire length of this mighty river is steeped in religiosity and is the most important pilgrim route for Hindus. The river is a symbol of purity and holds the secret to purification. She is worshipped in a myriad ways by millions of devotees who bathe in her waters to cleanse their bodies and souls from sin, invoking oaths and chanting her name in profound prayer, believing in her divine power to bring them one step closer to a release from the cycle of reincarnation, or 'samsara'.


Serena Chopra, a graduate in English Literature and Mass Communication, was an entrepreneur for more than 20 years before returning to her twin passions of photography and journalism in 2004. Her first body of work from Bhutan was exhibited in solo shows in New Delhi, Bhutan and New York. A publication of this work, Bhutan: A Certain Modernity was released in 2007. Serena offers the viewer a portal into the lives of her subjects. Malvika Singh, publisher of the monthly journal Seminar, is a well known columnist.